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The "Weasley Sweater"

In mid-October, this picture was added to the hpgalleries's movie gallery, with the caption, "Harry in his Weasley Sweater." I don't know what to make of this, because we know for a fact from the book, that he received an "emerald green" sweater (no mention of the letter H) for Christmas from Mrs. Weasley. This is clearly blue, with a gold H on it, and just like the red sweater above, seems to fit him well enough, and therefore is not a hand-me-down from Dudley (the "h" pretty much rules out a hand-me-down anyway.) I have no idea what is going on here, seems the movie is changing pretty significant things!

Again this is a drop-shouldered sweater, done in splain stocking stitch, with a loose crew neck. This is another perfect candidate for buying from the store and altering, though I personally would NOT make this sweater, as it does not fit into the book at all. Though I suppose we should wait and see the actual movie before jumping to any conclusions.

Update 11/28/01: After having watched the movie, this sweater is NOT IN IT. It is clearly something that was cut out of the movie for the sake of keeping it short enough. There were over 4 hours of tape for this movie, which got cut down to 2.5 hours, so it's no surprise that there are entire scenes that aren't in the final cut. I am guessing that this shot of Harry is of him sitting in front of the mirror that shows him his parents. I do believe that this is the movie version of Harry's Weasley sweater, and I'm still disappointed with that. It seems, however, that these sweaters may be popping up everywhere because there is at least one site online that is selling them, we may be seeing them on all the little kids. Personally, I hope not.

As shared on the KnitU list, the company that provided the Weasley sweaters has a website. They are selling them! Knitters can definitely use their pictures for details/inspiration if you're trying to replicate one of them. Here is the link:

Pride and Joy 

(this site also has Neville's fair isle sweater and vest and Hermione's fair isle cap)